Our mission is to make a positive impact on our environments because we care about the footprint we leave behind - from planting trees and flowers at our sites across Europe to ensuring we use the right products.

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How do we achieve this?

The products we use to service our people are sustainable and green and the packaging we use for our customers is sourced from sustainable suppliers of paper, pulp, cardboard and wood products.

Sustainability is not just an empty promise at Office Depot Europe – it is engrained in our DNA through our motto: be green, buy green, sell green, tell green.

Be green

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business and assess activities against our four value-chain: be, buy, sell and tell green to ensure our activities are sustainable and that meet our environmental commitments and policies.


Our recyclable, multi-sized packaging means more space on our vehicles for more cartons and reduces the number of journeys we need to make.

Waste Management

We send ZERO waste to landfill and recycled 92% of our waste, with the remaining 8% disposed of via waste to energy.

Setting the standard

We set high environmental standards for our vendors and suppliers and carefully audit the supply chain to ensure all parties involved in the delivery were treated fairly and respectfully.

Think ink

Our toners and ink are remanufactured and use 79% less new materials than other brand equivalents and are packaged in 100% recycled boxes. We even offer an empty cartridge return programme so we can recycle the empties.